Our Story and Inspiration

All small businesses had a spark which got ignited somewhere somehow. 

All startup entrepreneurship faced tidal waves of hope and challenges.

Our story is no different. And yet very unique in it's own way :)

It all started during 2019 Holidays. Our toddler daughter was again splurged with loads of toys, all of which had less attention span, limited usage and mostly plastic / battery based. 

Why is there not a toy which she would really like and would play with it again and again and again?

And thus our quest started. As we researched more and more, we came across open-ended play. And then there was no looking back. We were truly inspired from the wisdom of age old cultures, from the Steiner (Waldorf) educational philosophy as well as from contemporary research on play by Dr. Stuart Brown and Dr Peter Gray, among others. Open-ended toys help the play emerge from within the child, while natural materials nourish the senses, nurture the development of the young body and mind.

We were simply amazed with the possibilities of natural open ended toys. And we decided to take a plunge to explore the possibilities down to the core.

In February of 2020, Bunny Hopkins was born as toy shop for children, with a focus on stimulating creativity and fun through open-ended wooden toys.

Our toys encourage children to enter the world of imaginative play, unlocking a host of skills - including imagination, creativity, self awareness, perseverance and collaboration.

We are still very early in our journey and have a lot to learn on the way.

As a young startup, we aspire to invent natural open-ended toys which will expand the horizons of children's creativity.

And we are just getting started ....

We would love to connect with you. Follow our Instagram story @bunnyhopkinstoys if you are interested to know what we are up to. 

.... To be Continued ....