Our Story

The Inspiration

In every child, the simplest of things ignites wonder and imagination.

Bunny Hopkins strives for that simplicity.

The Beginning

As new parents, we noticed that our daughter had many toys, all of which had limited attention spans and were primarily plastic based. She was more interested in the cardboard boxes that the toys came in! As we researched more, we came across the concept of Open-Ended Play. We were truly inspired from the wisdom of age-old cultures, from Rudolf Steiner, as well as contemporary research on play by Dr. Stuart Brown and Dr. Peter Gray, among others. We were often amazed at the long hours’ children can spend playing with simple materials like boxes, stones, rocks, shells, sand, or water. These observations led us to question why we provide children with sophisticated toys when simple things entice them more. This made us curious to design sustainable toys that would be more engaging and enriching. 

And thus, Bunny Hopkins was born!

Inspired by Waldorf and Montessori education philosophy and the sheer joy of free play, Bunny Hopkins toys are Handcrafted in the USA, using responsibly sourced, all-natural materials, which are both safe for children and for the environment.

The Growth

The Journey